When Pigs Fly
The When pigs Fly Episode

Release date

September 27, 2012

Episode number

Episode 3 (2nd Episode released)



When Pigs Fly is the second episode released in Bad Piggies. It Has A Total of 45 Levels including the bonus levels.


The Piggies finally collected all the Pieces of the map and make their way to the Eggs. Unfortunately, The Eggs is nowhere to be found, make the piggies confused. Mechanic Pig however, tried to peek on the scope and saw the eggs are somehow moved to another place. Mechanic Pig quickly tried to make a new map to get them but this time, King Pig suggest to use wood instead for safety measures. So, Freckled Pig draw the map on the side of a crate and open it, not knowing it was a TNT.

After the TNT exploded, KIng Pig got mad again because the Map are scattered once again, make the piggies do the same things all over again. 

Supposedly, this is the continuation of Ground Hog Day, but a recent update has put an Episode between the two episodes.

Introduced ItemsEdit

  • Balloon (single, double, and triple)
  • Propeller
  • Tiny Wheels
  • Wooden Wings
  • Wooden Tails
  • Metal Wings
  • Metal Tails
  • Blue Fireworks
  • Red Fireworks
  • Helicopter Rotors
  • Sandbags (single, double and triple)


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