The Suction-cup wheel, one of the wheels in Bad Piggies.

First Level Appearance(In-order)

Level 1-1, Level 1-8, Level 1-29, Level 2-1, Level 3-17


Weak, Medium, Medium, Strong, Medium


Wheels are vehicle parts in Bad Piggies that enables contraptions to move smoothly. Each has a different ability.


There are currently 5 wheels in the game as of the latest update. Here are the five of them:

Wooden WheelEdit

- A basic wheel that firsts appear in level 1-1. This wheel offers a method of moving heavy things more quickly, as it can roll. It can also improve the speed of non-wheel propelling items, such as the Fireworks and the Soda Bottle. Variations include Blue, Green, Pink, Wooden, Blue Duck, Red Duck, Dark, Red (but strangely only partially), and Rainbow. It is tied with the Freckled Pig as the part with the most variations.

Metal WheelEdit

- A metallic counterpart of the Wooden wheel, thus is more durable and does not break off easily, but can still break off. It possesses the abilities of the Wooden wheel too. They first appeared in level 1-8. Variations include Steampunk/Rusted, Red, Dark, Bone, Gold and Flower.

Powered WheelEdit

- Acts as of the first two wheels, but is able to move the vehicle when it is powered by Freckled Pig, or an Engine and is touching the ground. It also is able to improve the speed of non-propelling items, but improves a lot more when turned on. First appeared on level 1-29. Variations include Wooden, Red, Dark, Bone Gold and Flower.

Tiny/Shopping Cart WheelEdit

- A smaller counterpart of the metal wheel, thus less likely to fall off, because of its size. This wheel is more used BEHIND the vehicle, specifically an aeroplane vehicle, so that the plane is easily angled upwards, to lessen the time for it to take off. These wheels appear to be more springy than others, making it good for planes as it's springiness can enable easier landings with less breaks. First appeared on level 3-17. Really helpful making an airplane. Variations include Steampunk/Rusty, a unique eyeball version found in no other part, Pink, Red, Gold and Flower.

Suction Cup WheelsEdit

- A stickier counterpart of the Motor wheel, thus able to move the vehicle on terrain other vehicles can not (e.g. the roof). The suction cup wheel is able to drive a vehicle on loops without falling of it when slown down, instead, will roll back. It is important to note that these wheels will not stick onto anything except terrain. This wheel is extremely important for the success of Rise and Swine levels. This first appeared on level 2-1. The suction cups on the default Suction Cup Wheel resemble the plunger used with the default Grappling Hook. Variations include Steampunk/Rusty, Pink and Gold.


  • Suction cup wheels (without skins) have plungers that look very similar to the grappling hook's (again without skins) plunger that it shoots.
  • There are glitches when the wheels will make the vehicle fly, though it is not proven to always happen.
    • An example is when you put King Pig right above the Suction Cup wheel rotated upsidedown. King Pig, The Suction Cup, and anything connected will fly up the air.

Another, dicovered by Pigineering by AngryBirdsNest, is when you put a Black Umbrella and a motor wheel side by side a vehicle, facing upwards. Turning the wheel on will make both and whatever is connected to them fly upwards also.

ReferencesEdit Video of the referenced glitch. -Youtube Video of the referenced glitch.

Bugs Edit

  • There's a bug that causes the wheels to stop spinning while driving.
  • King pig + suction cup wheel + box = flying King pig
  • The black umbrella bug
  • Wheels will stick in the ground in Field of Dreams.

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