Hey guys! I'm Gsguedes, the creator of this wiki.

Recently, a cool guy told people that he was going to adopt this wiki. He couldn't do it.

I've already tried to contact Chiachichang and he fucked me up really didn't give a shit: "I don't use it anymore, if you want it, try to adopt it".

Please, stop spamming. I really hated to read that to keep all your spam off this wiki we would need to report it to the Wikia authorities. That sounds bad. We don't like to admit that you fucking can't stop being assholes.

If you want to share your fanon things, there are the Bad Piggies Fan Wiki and also the Bad Piggies Fanon Wiki.

If you want to spam, don't do it. Go to InfinityFree, get a free domain at Freenom and do your own MediaWiki page to spam it the way you love to do here.

Have a happy new year.

(almost) Your leader,


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