aka Gabriel Guedes

  • I live in Somewhere in Brazil
  • I was born on May 7
  • I am Male
  • Gsguedes

    We're going to change it.

    January 21, 2017 by Gsguedes

    Hey guys! I'm Gsguedes, the creator of this wiki.

    Recently, a cool guy told people that he was going to adopt this wiki. He couldn't do it.

    I've already tried to contact Chiachichang and he fucked me up really didn't give a shit: "I don't use it anymore, if you want it, try to adopt it".

    Please, stop spamming. I really hated to read that to keep all your spam off this wiki we would need to report it to the Wikia authorities. That sounds bad. We don't like to admit that you fucking can't stop being assholes.

    If you want to share your fanon things, there are the Bad Piggies Fan Wiki and also the Bad Piggies Fanon Wiki.

    If you want to spam, don't do it. Go to InfinityFree, get a free domain at Freenom and do your own MediaWiki page to spam it the way you love to do …

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  • Gsguedes

    A intenção da Bad Piggies Wiki é ser uma wiki universal, não apenas "uma wiki americana". Pensando nisso, encorajo os membros da BPWiki a fazerem:

    1. Tópicos em suas línguas, com a TAG [BR] ou [ES], dependendo da sua língua
    2. Outras wikis, como, pt-br.badpiggies.wikia, ou, es.badpiggies.wikia (esta já existe, mas, está morta)

    Caso você crie, favor comentar o link da sua wiki.

    See ya.

    Gsguedes (talk) 16:33, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Gsguedes

    Hello you all

    July 23, 2014 by Gsguedes

    Hello everyone. This is Gsguedes. 

    Sorry if my english is bad because I'm depending on Google Translate, and it does not seem to help much. (Did someone forget I am Brazilian?) 

    I am very happy with the way the Wiki is today. However, I would like to know who gave the post of admin for the other pigs in this wiki. 

    See ya! 

    Gsguedes - Your boss.

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  • Gsguedes

    This is weird news. If you don't know me, I'm Gsguedes, the founder of this wiki. Nice, not? The wiki is in construction, and, you can help us. Just make NOT-FANON articles. Fanon Articles will be removed. Make articles about pigs and the *argh* birds. "Thanks", Gsguedes


    Essa é a nossa nova fonte de notícias, em formato de blog. Se você não me conhece, eu sou Gsguedes, o criador desta wiki. Legal, né? A wiki está em construção, e, vc pode ajudar a gente!!! :D - Só faça artigos que NÃO SÃO "FANON". Artigos "fanon" irão ser deletados não quero essas pragas egípcias aqui na minha wiki ok? Faça artigos sobre os porcos e as que nojo aves famosas do jogo. Vlw, Gsguedes. Lembrando que os artigos em português terão que ter um (PT-BR) depois do nome. O…

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