The Road to El Porkado is the sixth episode of Bad Piggies. It has a total of 45 levels including the bonus levels. It is an Indiana Jones-esque adventure that takes you through mountains, caves, temples and more.


King Pig noticed that something (most likely a vase or a trinquet) went missing in his palace and he has turned the palace upside-down without luck. Ross with a hat and a rubber duckie is now going to set out on The Road to El Porkado (hence the name of the episode) to find a replacement for it.

The large golden pig in the background of the cover is found in a cave. The explorer pig gives it to King Pig in place of the missing object.

Introduced Items


Statues are figures exclusive to The Road to El Porkado. You are required to find 45 of the 45 scattered around the levels of The Road to El Porkado. They only appear in cave levels and require being lit up by the pig. (Or the Golden Pig) You need 10 statues to unlock the Find the Statues Sandbox. Somehow, in the second bonus level, a statue that generates A LOT of light appears for some reason.


  • After the cutscene where the golden pig is found, he only appears in subsequent levels in The Road to El Porkado.
  • The Road to El Porkado is one of only two episodes to have an extra sandbox themed after it with the Little Pig Adventure (the other being Flight in the Night with the Field of Dreams).
  • The Road to El Porkado is the only episode to have ice as part of its levels. The same is true for Buttons and Doors, Giant Fans, Dark Caves and the flying pig.
  • Dark Caves are the pitch black found in dark cave levels, illuminated only by the pig, the golden pig, and both types of lights.
  • The flying pig is the pair of eyes that are seen in some cave levels. They disappear when they are illuminated, dropping whatever they are holding (can be a metal box used to flip a switch, a star box, a TNT, or nothing at all)

Glitch Problem

There is a problem with the doors in Road To El Porkado in that the doors would glitch out or go in the wrong place that make some of the levels impossible and people are hoping that the developers of Bad Piggies would fix the problem