TESLA is a glitch that has been around for a very, very long time. It has not been patched and will never be patched. (Though it was made slightly harder when Rovio lowered the Metal Box's durability) It is the wireless transmission of power over

Screenshot (81)

This vehicle is under the influence of TESLA. Notice the spring used to stop the vehicle from breaking. Field of Dreams

an infinite distance requiring at least two parts: a motor box, and vehicles. The Motor Box contains the entities you wish to manipulate the game into thinking are on the vehicle(s). The vehicle(s) are to "carry the contents of the motor box with them", but the game physics will say otherwise, and let the vehicle(s) travel with the contents of the motor box with them, but will not have to carry their weight. This could result in a 00:00 time on the Road Hogs levels, as you could place the pig inside the motor box, then separate the vehicle from it (The pig cannot move, or the timer starts). Alternatively, you could place the pig in a contraption without engines, then put all the motors in the motor box, then launch the vehicle with the power of all the engines combined but without the weight. The idea behind TESLA is to build the motor box and the vehicle(s) attached by TNT, then blow up the TNT without breaking anything (Krak, Snap). If anything breaks, it doesn't work.

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