Springs are items in Bad Piggies that act like ropes, except that they cannot be cut in the middle and are sturdier. They are introduced earlier than ropes as well.


First Level Appearance





Stretches and Reduces impact


Springs are very elastic. They can be used to attach one vehicle to another. They also can diminish the force that can cause a block to drop/break of the item/the machine. Springs, when placed right on the right place, can increase the flexibility(or how much it can bend without breaking) of a vehicle, making it useful for running on Hill Terrains.


  • The Spring's one-star variation is bronze.
  • The Spring's two-star variation is rainbow.
  • The Spring's three-star variation is gold.


  • When Springs connected together are pulled apart with great force, and being pulled and pushed together quickly and alternatively, they can break apart, and be stuck INSIDE the ground.
  • The Spring can stretch twice it's size.
  • There is a known glitch involving TNT and Springs that causes a spring or set of springs to spaz out and create a "lightning storm", which can take down aircraft and land vehicles alike. This has been patched.