The Soda Bottles are objects found in early levels.

Soda Bottles

First Level Appearance (Black)


First Level Appearance (Green)


Boost Strength





By pressing the button or the object itself, it will move the vehicle in the opposite of which the Soda Bottle's lid is pointing, after a short delay. This makes them quite similar to fireworks.


There are currently two types of Soda Bottles. These are the following:

  • Black Soda Bottle
  • Green Soda Bottle
  • The Green and Black Soda Bottles have the same: mass, thrust and duration. They differ, only by color, possibly for ease of activation. Strangely, the variations of each do not match up with each other, unlike the other set of one use propulsion items. The Green Soda Bottle has two Steampunk/Rusty variations, with two different bottle shapes, one that appears to be a flask, and another that appears to be a larger version of the default. The Black Soda Bottle is almost the same, though rather than having a Steampunk/Rusty theme, it is dark. The bottles also look similar to the Green Soda Bottles. They each have a Gold variation, that looks similar to the Tier II type of bottle previously mentioned.
  • There is a rumor that at one point the soda bottles had labels, but this is untrue. They never had labels, and most likely never will.
  • The reason for the delay between activation and actual thrust is the bottles being shaken up.

Variations Edit

  • The one-star variations are flasks.
  • The two-star variations have ripples in their design.
  • The three-star variations are the same, but with a gold cap and mount.
  • Alien variations exist for both bottles. They provide more thrust than the normal bottles and will remain activated forever. The formerly black bottle is changed to a more futuristic blue as well.
  • On the iOS version, it seems as though the mounts for one- and two-star variations are mixed up. The black bottle has only bronze mounts, while the green bottle has only black mounts.

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