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 Shazam is the twelveth episode of Piggy Tales DescriptionEdit

Abracadabra! Pigs really shouldn't mess with magic, but when these two come across a magic wand it leaves them spellbound!


Two Minion Pigs one day found a magic wand. Excited, one of the pigs waved the wand, but accidentally turns him into a hammer. Luckily, he managed to turn him back to normal. The other pig then borrowed the wand, and turned his friend into a spring-loaded boxing glove. Feeling scared, he turned back the pig back to normal. Since they're getting used to it, both the pigs played with the magic wand that casts the magic at each other and dispells it afterwards, but when one of the pigs turned his friend into a mirror and then attempted to turn him back to normal, the spell deflected back to the pig and turned him into an umbrella. Both pigs looked at each other, wondering how they would disspell each other when they turned into items with no ability to pick up objects.

In the credit screen, The spell is somehow brken and made the pigs turn back to normal.


  • Minion Pig - Nineth Appearance in series
  • Magic Wand - Exclusive Appearance

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Piggy Tales "Shazam"01:07

Piggy Tales "Shazam"

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