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Were you looking for the Sandbox to test a font or just testing something for fun? That is here 

Item AcquirationEdit

Sandbox is the first special episode in Bad Piggies, released with the game. Sandbox levels contains 20 Star The sandbox levels are the widest levels that can be found in Bad Piggies. A player starts unlocking Sandbox levels by entering a certain level in the second and third set of levels in an episode. However, collecting Star Boxes and desserts is not the sandboxes main priority. Its main priority is to be the episode where players are able to create any kind of vehicle, for after completing the Story Episode. There are Star Boxes to collect, but it's main purpose is to be the episode to create anything the player desires, but is unable to,unfortunately, let players create their own terrain and Vehicle Parts are still limited.You can obtain more items by getting stars in the specific chapter(example:Ground Hog Day)to get parts in the Sandbox. However, the Vehicle Parts are non corresponding Story Levels. After entering such level, the next levels the player finishes will give the player items, that will be delivered to the sandbox levels every time the player opens a sandbox level.

Sandbox PriorityEdit

Sandboxes have 20 or 40 Star Boxes and 1-10 desserts to collect, making them the widest level around. You start collecting parts for the Sandbox levels after finishing certain levels in the game.

Find the SkullsEdit

Find the Skulls is a special Sandbox level that is unlocked after collecting 10 skulls in the game(45 skulls are now found in the game as of the Tusk til' dawn update).

Find the Statues Edit

Find the Statues a Sandbox where Star Boxes are in dark caves. 20 Star Boxes are in this sandbox.

Little Pig Adventure Edit

Little Pig Adventure is a level the size of the Field of Dreams, but has much less wiggle room, as this sandbox is a level made up by icy passageways, gusty winds from fans, and overall not much flying room. There are 40 Star Boxes in this level. It is the only sandbox level to have fans, ice, and wooden structures you must break down to reach a few Star Boxes. It is also the only level that requires obtaining more Star Boxes to get even more items for the sandbox. Here,a Star Box is hidden behind a metal structure that has no purpose except as a lifting challenge.

Field of DreamsEdit

Field of Dreams is an in-app purchase that unlocks a Field of Dreams Sandbox level. This is no ordinary Sandbox level though. Instead, Field of Dreams has a wider and higher playing field, 40 Star Boxes, 1-20 desserts, and all items excluding the Head Light and Lamp Light.


The Sandboxes, after the Tusk Til' Dawn update, has 14 levels. There are 2 Sandbox levels each Story Episode, that also corresponds to the Episode, with the exception of Tusk til' Dawn, the only episode where it has no corresponding Sandbox levels. 2 special levels: Find the Skulls and Field of Dreams, have no corresponding Story Episode, but Find the Skulls does correspond to the Skulls that is found scattered in some levels of all episodes.

Story Episode

Corresponding Sandbox Levels

Ground Hog Day 2
When Pigs Fly 2
Flight in the night 2
Rise and Swine 2
Find the Skulls Special 1
Field of Dreams Special 1


  • Find the Skulls is the only Sandbox to have an underground

Cave Theme and Background.

  • Field of Dreams is the largest level in Bad Piggies.
  • The Detacher Item was exclusive to the Field of Dreams and Little Pig Adventure. Now its also on The Road to El Porkado lol
  • it may refer to
  • level s-8

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