Rise and Swine
Rise and Swine

Release Date

July 22, 2013

Episode Number

2nd Episode 4th to be released



Rise and Swine is the fourth episode released on Bad Piggies.It has a total of 45 levels including the bonus levels.


Freckled Pig, Mechanic Pig & Minion Pig are hungry. They tried to make a "sand-cake" but it just tastes like..sand. Then, they smelled some cakes from Chef Pig who just passes them,making the piggies go after him by riding a contraption.Unfortunately, they go too fast, that the contraption crashed over Chef Pig and the desserts dropped all over the place. Chef Pig tell them that the desserts belong to King Pig and he'll be furious if he find out that his foods are lost, so his order for the piggies get all of them retrieved.
Bad Piggies Rise Swine new levels items 108495608 thumbnail

The King Pig has been fed in the end of Rise and Swine but he wants more!!!

Introduced ItemsEdit

  • Suction-Cup Wheels
  • Boxing Gloves 
  • Grappling Hook
Bad piggies grappling hook

The New Plunger Grappling Hook


  • This episode has 45 levels
  • Rise and Swine introduced the most new items (3) with the exception of Ground Hog Day which was introduced when the game was created.

The New Boxing Glove!!!

Bad piggies suction cup

Suction Cup Wheels-Sticking all day!

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