Puffed Up
Puffed Up

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Chris Sadler


Chris Sadler

David Vinicombe

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Minion Pig

Dummy Minion Pig





 Puffed Up is the thirteenth episode of Piggy Tales DescriptionEdit

What happen when you hold your breath? One poor piggy is about to find out!


Two Minion Pigs are bored until one of them have an idea, He's puff himself and challenge his friend to be bigger than him. Accepted the challenge, the other piggy puff bigger than him, then he's smirk at him, make the dummy piggy gets jealous. Won't give up from his friend, he's puff even bigger and surprise the piggy beside him, make him annoyed as well. He leave for a while and take a plug, then put it at puffed piggy's mouth so he can't deflated back. The piggy laughing at him, but when the dummy piggy started to float, he's worried and take out the plug from his mouth. And so, he's started to deflated and flies anywhere until he gets flatted. Realize that things went really wrong, the piggy put the plug and walk away leaving dummy piggy while whistling, pretend he's didn't know what he was doing.


  • Minion Pig - tenth Appearance in series
  • Dummy Minion Pig - third Appearance in series


  • Dummy Minion Pig make his third appearance in this series
  • This is the third episode who has a longer duration, beside Rough-Necks & The Hole episodes
  • The flatted piggy looked like ones in Trampoline & Push Button episodes


Piggy Tales "Puffed Up"01:21

Piggy Tales "Puffed Up"

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