The Pair of Bellows is an item first introduced in Ground Hog Day. It is used to give a short, very weak burst of movement.

Pair of Bellows

First Level Appearance


Boost Strength

Very Weak



Usage Edit

As stated above, it is used to give a short, weak burst of movement. It cannot move very heavy vehicles, but it is good for beginner vehicles who wish to create a dirigible or something of the sort. Furthermore, it is extremely ineffective on the ground and ideally should only be used while airborne (or on ice). It blows at a fixed rate; spamming its button will not let it go any further. The bellows are not toggled; they blow once each time you click its button until it is working as fast as it can, still very, very slow.

Trivia Edit

Despite its appearance, the air hole of the bellows actually has a face, so if done very carefully, one may balance a small vehicle on the tip of a single pair of bellows.

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