Mechanic Pig
Mechanic pig
Mechanic Pig can Fix it!


Green Pig


Male pig

First Level Appearance

(Side character)Level 1-1


Creates a 1 to 3 Star Vehicle in any level (after bought)

Price for Buying (Real-Life Currency)

$0.99 (¥6.00)

Mechanic Pig is a side character in the game, that builds a 1 star machine in Bad Piggies. He is the counterpart of the Mighty Eagle in the Angry Birds Series.

However, It has a stronger counterpart (but the same pig) named "Super Mechanic" which makes a 3 Star vehicle.


Mechanic Pig looks just like the Postman Pig, But with a hat of a mechanic and holds a wrench. His hat covers only one of his ears, unlike postman pig covering all his ears with his hat (Postman Pig can be seen on Angry Birds friends for iOS/Android on the lower right corner when pausing the game).


Mechanic Pig is used to create vehicles that will pass the level, just as of the Mighty Eagle and it's versions on the games of the Angry birds Series(Exluding this one).

A More powerful counterpart called the Super Mechanic builds a three-star vehicle. However, when Super Mechanic is used, the Normal Mechanic Icon found near the pause button will change into the Super Mechanic Button with a letter. Tapping/Clicking on said button will change the vehicle. Thus, The Super Mechanic makes vehicles that corresponds with each star, ranging from 2-3 vehicles being made.


Mechanic Pig makes the vehicle for you if you do not know what to build. If you want to buy him, here are the prices:

$1.99 for 10 times

$5.99 for 35 times

$9.99 for 65 times

But as of the latest update,Mechanic pig is unlimited use, and can be bought for $0.99.

In the PC version he isn't available apart from super mechanic.


  • Mechanic Pig also appeared on Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Classic.
  • His power up can be earned on the Feed King Pig mode.