Level 1-7 is the seventh level in Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies.

Items GivenEdit

  1. 1 Freckles
  2. 3 Wooden Boxes
  3. 2 Wooden Wheels
  4. 2 Electric Fan


  1. Get Freckles to a certain destination
  2. Do not break the vehicle
  3. Finish within 10 seconds
    Screenshot (112)

    The solution as of 2.2.0.

Three StarsEdit

The key to this level is to create a vehicle that when started, will roll down the hill, but has enough strength to keep itself from hitting the TNT, and reaching the finish on-time.

Driving PhaseEdit

After the vehicle has rolled halfway down the slope, activate the fan, then deactivate it for a split second before re-activating it. The vehicle may flip, but if built correctly shouldn't hit the TNT and break or stay flipped and be rendered unable to move. If timed correctly the vehicle should also be able to roll(slide) down the hill in time to finish. This should give you three stars.

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