The First Level that Introduces King Pig.

Level 1-25 is a level in Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies. It is the first level to introduce King Pig.

Items IncludedEdit


  • Get the Pig to the checkpoint
  • Get the King Pig with you to the checkpoint
  • Finish in a certain amount of time (in this case, 20 seconds)


Level FinishEdit

Building PhaseEdit

Create a simple vehicle, like the one used in Level 1-2, but with the Umbrellas, and with the gold umbrella instead of bellows.

Driving PhaseEdit

Use the Gold Umbrella to move, and the Black Umbrellas to glide down. Once the vehicle touches the ground, instantaneously turn the umbrellas off, to prevent tipping.

Level Three-starEdit

Building PhaseEdit

To get the time, use the vehicle Above.

To get the King Pig to the Finish line, create a U-shaped vehicle, with umbrellas on Top, wheels below, both  aligned, Bellows on the left, Pig beside it, and beside the Pig is King Pig.

Driving PhaseEdit

To get the Time, follow the instructtions Above.

To get the King Pig to the Finish line, follow the same instructions.

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