The Umbrella increases the Air Resistance.

Level 1-17 is a level in Bad Piggies and Ground Hog Day. It first introduces the Umbrella.

Items IncludedEdit


  • Get the Pig to a certain destination
  • Acquire the Star Box
  • Finish in a certain amount of time (in this level, 9 secs.)


Level FinishEdit

  • First, build a 3-long vehicle with the umbrella on top.
  • Then, after hitting the check button, keep the Umbrella open.
  • Just after the vehicle acquires the star box, close the Umbrella.
  • Hopefully get into the finish line.

Level Three-starsEdit

  • Use the same vehicle.
  • Then, follow the same instructions as above.
  • If you did not get all stars in numerous attempts, the do them separately. On one attempt, keep it opened. On the second attempt, open the umbrella only when you are near and are falling.

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