Confirmed Bugs

Popping balloon and exploding TNT particles remain until you enter the area again, either when starting a new ride or zoom out.

Balloons clip through vehicle parts.

TNT already placed on levels will not detonate at the same time when one is activated, but manually placed will.

When the camera moves very fast, sounds get distorted

Under certain circumstances, Grappling Hooks can rip apart large contraptions. Grabbing a vehicle at high speeds relative to the vehicle and flying upwards while the hook is flying towards its target seems to be the method of reproduction.

When trying to record a video in-game via the record function, the game exits automatically. This only happens in recent versions.

Patched or Non-reproducible Bugs

This list also includes bugs that were posted here without any given method of reproduction.

In Little Pig Adventure, propellers, rockets, springs and wheels can go straight through the rock ground and boundaries. This also happens on layers of ice. Occasionally, when travelling fast enough, Ross can get stuck in the ramp where the arrow points. This can also lead to fixed facial expressions while he's stuck.

A vehicle that is flying very fast, when a attached rotor is activated, will drastically slow it down, and possibly even breaking it or snap off. Cannot be reproduced.

A powered wheel that is riding on a wing, will move the vehicle forward. Patched.

A rotor attached to springs and a very powerful engine, will when activated restart the game Patched.

A pig attached to a single balloon will vibrate when touching something, but if the pig is in a box, the box will vibrate instead. Cannot be reproduced.

Snapped parts, even when off, remain active in the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Patched.

Triple balloons are weaker than a double balloon and a single balloon, and these are weaker than 3 singular balloons. Patched.

When King Pig is placed on a suction cup wheel , it flies upwards, and everything attached too. Patched.

A similar bug as above is achieved when a black umbrella directly adjacent to a powered powered wheel is placed. Patched.

If you drop a cake on the bottom of the screen in the Feed the king pig minigame, king pig's mouth stays open. Cannot be reproduced.

In Field of Dreams and Little Pig Adventure, parts can be stuck into the ground except for King Pig and Freckled pig. Cannot be reproduced.

Grappling Hooks can sometimes cause a contraption to blink out of existence. Cannot be reproduced.

Awaiting Testing

When a vehicle is pulled apart, but having super glue, it will go mad and fly all over the map and glitches through walls.