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Erkki Lilja

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Sir Bucket Pig


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"Push Button Trouble"

EPIC Sir Bucket is the tenth episode of Piggy Tales, and also in honor of the global release of Angry Birds Epic.

Toons.TV DescriptionEdit

A bucket makes a perfect helmet for a crusading knight – or at least this playful piggy thinks so! But what’s that mysterious thing hanging from that balloon?


Sir Bucket Pig was playing around with his wooden sword until he accidentally bump at an anvil tied with a single balloon, and weirdly, making the anvil float. The pig then curiously checked it until he has a mischevous idea. He climbed up the anvil and cut the balloon string. Stupidly, the anvil did not fall and the balloon still in the same position, make the pig confused. But unexpectedly, the balloon instead fell down & crush the pig after.


  • Sir Bucket Pig - Exclusive Appearance in series
  • Anvil tied with a balloon - Exclusive appearance in series


  • The anvil may be the Magic Anvil from Angry Birds Epic.
  • This episode is a tribute of the worldwide release of Angry Birds Epic
  • This is the third episode who have a different theme song with Angry Birds Epic one, beside Abduction & The Mirror
  • The Anvil also seen in the Angry Birds Epic game


Piggy Tales "Epic Sir Bucket"01:17

Piggy Tales "Epic Sir Bucket"

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