Crates are special items, that can be found throughout levels. Every day, 3 crates will be available to find in random levels. (No Road Hogs or Sandbox) You can watch an ad to reveal in which level the particular crate is.

If your game is slow, the x button may appear before the ad comes up, giving you a chance to skip the ad.

Each Crate follows a particular schedule as follows:

Crate Type Wooden Metal Golden
Sunday 3 0 0
Monday 1 1 1
Tuesday 3 0 0
Wednesday 2 1 0
Thursday 2 1 0
Friday 2 1 0
Saturday 1 2 0

Crates may also be earned via the Cake Race gameplay

As of an update, all of the 7 crate types except gold can be found in level.


There are 7 types of crates:

  • Cardboard (2 items)
  • Plastic/Glass (3 items)
  • Wooden (3 items, one 1star part)
  • Bronze (4 items, two 1star parts)
  • Metal (4 items, one 1star part and one 2star part)
  • Gold (8 items, one of each 1star part, 2star part and 3star part)
  • Marble (5 items, two 1star parts and one 2star part).

Each crate offers better rewards.

If you get a part you already have, you will be given 30 scrap for a 1star, 55 scrap for a 2star, and 110 scrap for a 3star.


  • Parts
  • Scrap
  • Food
  • Power ups

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