corporal pig
corporal pig
Vital statistics
Title pig
Gender male
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Health 20-40
Level bad piggies:rocket
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Location pig city
Corporal pig,jumping
Corporal pig in bad piggies-rocket jet

Corporal Pig is a pig that appears in Piggy Tales, as well as the first levels of Angry Birds. He does not make an appearance in Bad Piggies, even in the Workshop.but he do apears in the form of a skull,in the cake race intro and you play him in bad piggies:rocket Jet


Designed to be a pig in the army, Corporal is a slightly larger Minion Pig with a helmet. His helmet in Toons is white and brown, but in Angry Birds, it appears to be grey. He has a scar under his helmet and a bad temper as well.


Corporal Pig is sometimes called helmet pig due his helmet.

He appears on Angry Birds.