The Box is the main item on Bad Piggies. They appear in almost all levels and they can either be metal or wooden.
Wooden box

The wooden boxes as they appear carrying the pig and connected to the wheels.


First Level Appearance (Wooden Box)


First Level Appearance (Metal Box)


Durability (Wooden)


Durability (Metal)



Boxes are the main parts of the vehicle. They are used to connect items such as a Soda Bottle and carry other vehicle parts in it such as the Pig and the Motor. You cannot start a ride having Motors that are not in a Box.


There are Two kinds of boxes:

  • Wooden
  • Metal

Weight Edit

These boxes have the same use, but the main difference between the 2 boxes are :

  • Metal Boxes are more durable, but also heavier.
  • Wooden Boxes have less weight, but also less durable.
  • Metal is 2x the mass of Wood

As shown below.


The Metal Box weighs twice that of the Wooden Box.


A result of a test on a 2 by 3 box made out of Wood. All 6 Boxes have separated from each other after the fall.


The result of the same test, but with a 2 by 3 box made out of metal. As you can see, from the same height, the Metal box did not separate from each other much.

If a box receives enough force, it can do either of the following:

  •  Break off of other parts
  •  Release the object it is holding
  •  Both of the above at the same time.

Also, wood is more flexible and iron more stiff. In other words, if you make a long vehicle with only 2 weels standing very far from each other, you should use iron because wood will bend down and touch the ground and likely will break when you begin to move.

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