Vandalism is the act of a user to add unnecessary or insulting content or such and the removal of important ones, while Spams is the act of adding content for the editor's benefits, such as advertising.

Detection Edit

Vandalism and spam can become hard to find, especially if they are present on a long page, or written short. One can easily detect it if they monitor the articles often, by following the article, or checking the history.

Here are some considerations if detected content seems suspicious:

Content will be considered as vandalism if:

  • It is not related to the subject.
  • It is found insulting to someone.
  • It does not follow the Article Presentation Policy.
  • It stated one's personal preference (unless the content is under the "reception" section, where reviewer's personal preferences are needed to be put).
  • It is stated as a hacking/cheating guide.

Content will be considered as spam if:

  • It states prices of products.
  • It states a product's pros and cons (unless the content is under the "reception" section, where reviewer's personal preferences are needed to be put).
  • It links to a shopping website.

Repair Edit

If one spots a vandalism or spam, he or she can help by removing the problem, or revert the changes if the vandal or spam is too large.

Reporting Edit

If the vandal still is continuing to target articles, one must report it to an admin immediately, so that the admin can ban him. But if he did not make much trouble, do not report immediately. Here's a table whether you should ban him now or not.

Amount of Vandals and Spams caused Action to be taken
2 Spams or Vandals Warn via message
3 Spams or Vandals Contact an ACTIVE admin immediately

Penalty Edit

Depending on the type of vandals or spams created, the ban would be on a certain period.

Action 2nd Offense 3th Offense 4th Offense
Not following the Article Presentation Policy 5 Days 15 Days PERMANENT
Comment Spamming 10 Days 30 Days PERMANENT
Content Vandalism 15 Days 45 Days PERMANENT
  • Content Vandalism refers to any kind of vandalism, as well as fanon and non-kid-friendly content, as well as personal preferences.

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