Categorization is the process of putting together articles under one topic. As a Wiki, a user can add certain articles under a category. However, they may just putt it under such unnecessary article.

The freedom of users has already led to the vandalization and spamming (see Bad Piggies Wiki:Policies/Vandals & Spams) of certain articles. Spammetorization (portmanteau of "Spam" and "Categorization") is of much harder-to-fix problem, and even though only puts an article to a non-existent or unuseful categories, still is a major offense and a big part of Spamming.

Correct Categorization Edit

Here is a list of Good ways of categorizing articles:

  • Common Subject - Put numerous articles under one category that has a common subject. Even though obvious, one can still mistake an article for a different category.
  • Category Name - To remove suspicious categories, a category must have the same name as one of the currently existing articles. Usually names of games, episodes, and TV Shows. More accurately, the name of the Navigational Boxes present on the target article.
  • Special Categorization - Such categories, for instance, Stub Articles, must not have any further article to be added upon it without administrative notice. Here is a full list of these special categories:
  • Stub Articles - Articles are to be put under this category when under Administrative notice.
  • Featured Articles - Articles are to be reviewed and must match certain criterias for it to be put under the category.

Any articles that has a category not following any of the guidelines above is considered as a "Spametory".

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