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This wiki is about Bad Piggies, the spin-off and subbrand of the insanely popular Angry Birds franchise, that anyone can help edit!

We currently have 144 articles, 369 files and 57 videos since 2012, when the wiki was created.

Bad Piggies Wiki is a non-proft, informational site that is not affiliated with Rovio Entertainment or any associated companies.


There a many policies here in this wiki. These are just the major one, but the minor ones are important too. For all and more explained policies, check Bad Piggies Wiki:Policies

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Balloons are items used in Bad Piggies, first introduced in When Pigs Fly.

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This image shows Corporal Pig, a militaristic, bossy pig found in the Angry Birds franchise. The image is used on these pages:
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Piggy Tales "Push-button"01:10

Piggy Tales "Push-button"

This is the sixth episode of Piggy Tales titled, "Push-button". To know more about the episode, go here.

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  • Chiachichang

    Im back. Sort of. 

    Seeing there are active members ill be trying to stay active to help out. Anywho need to see if anythings changed while I have been stuck in other games... 

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  • Chiachichang

    Bad Piggies Update

    November 1, 2014 by Chiachichang

    Hey Guys, 

    Ive been wanting to do a lot of things on this wikia and make this wikia to its finest but at this point in time. I am unable to do this

    Time has been very tight for me and life needs to tak…

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  • Chiachichang

    Updates On Bans.

    August 7, 2014 by Chiachichang

    Hey all.

    Quick fix that I will be following (Will not be an actual rule since I have not discussed this with Gue and Aidan) but here is the new temporary ban list rules I will be using. 

    Ban Times 1st …

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  • Gsguedes

    A intenção da Bad Piggies Wiki é ser uma wiki universal, não apenas "uma wiki americana". Pensando nisso, encorajo os membros da BPWiki a fazerem:

    1. Tópicos em suas línguas, com a TAG [BR] ou [ES], depe…
    Read more >
  • Gsguedes

    Hello you all

    July 23, 2014 by Gsguedes

    Hello everyone. This is Gsguedes. 

    Sorry if my english is bad because I'm depending on Google Translate, and it does not seem to help much. (Did someone forget I am Brazilian?) 

    I am very happy with th…

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