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Welcome to the Bad Piggies Wikia fellow piglets! Here, you can add, edit and read articles about the game, Bad Piggies. The Bad Piggies Wikia is an encyclopediac site for Rovio's Angry Birds spin-off, Bad Piggies, making this an Epig site for you to learn more about the game and everything in it. Please note that we have policies to limit yor edits, so that vandalisms and spams are to be a rarity in this wiki. For the full ist of policies, click Here

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Bad Piggies is a physics-based puzzle spin-off game of the insanely popular Angry Birds made by Rovio Entertainment that where players can see the franchise in the pig's perspective. The goal of the game, instead of popping all the pigs in the level, is to build vehicles to get the pig to his destination. The gameplay is also inspired by it's previous Rovio game: Amazing Alex.

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Easter is coming! Get ready for all of you piglets because we're going to hide the Bird's eggs today! Wait, where are the Eggs? We seem to have not captured it! Well, let's catch it, but we can't catch them alone! Let's get all the Piglet contributers here and catch those eggs. You may get a chance to be an Admin by getting tons of Piglet friends to help us out with the eggs, and the friend too.Click Here, on this phrase colored blue, for more info.

Too much to handle? well, this April 22, There will be ONE hidden egg code on one of the pages in this wiki. After finding it, type it Here then. It will expire at the same day!

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    Good day to all of you piglets! Let's talk for a second here. Are you feeling lonely? Want to share those Bad Piggy-tastic knowledge with a friend? Do you want to be stand corrected? Well, how about …

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    April 1, 2014 by Chiachichang

    Hey yall been a while since ive been on here bloggin 

    First to answer some questions.

    1. Where have I been?

    Finishing Bad Piggies for the 5th time after my computer removes my data again, and banging my…

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    Inactivity Next Week

    February 19, 2014 by Aidanboy106

    Bad News! Despite being very active in this wiki, and also me liking to Edit things here, I will be inactive next week, with Saturday or Sunday, marking it has started. So i will be unable to help th…

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